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Pull marin 3 boutons - 100% baby alpaca


Pull marin 3 boutons - 100% baby alpaca
Coupe droite – col cheminée
On appelle baby alpaga un fil d’alpaga très fin de 21-23 microns.
Les Alpacas vivent en harmonie avec la nature sur les hauts plateaux andins.
La laine d'alpaga est une fibre très haut de gamme, plus douce, plus chaude,
plus résistante et plus légère que la laine de mouton.
La filature est italienne et le pull est tricoté en Bulgarie.

straight cut sweater - 100% baby alpaka
3 buttons on the side.
Baby alpaca is among the finest grades of alpaca hair, 21-23 microns wide. It is considered as a supreme variety due to its durability and lightweight structure. Baby alpaca is warmer than wool, but has a very soft and glossy feeling similar to silk.
Alpacas have padded feet and gentle eating habits, leaving a much smaller footprint on the environment compared to other herding animals.
The yarn is made in Italia, and the sweater is knitted in Bulgaria.